At the Interface of Main Group and Transition Metal Chemistry

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The Team

Dr Alessandro Bismuto

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Principal Investigator

After 3 years of postdoctoral work in the group of Prof. Morandi (ETH Zürich), Alessandro started his independent career at the Institute of Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (University of Göttingen - Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)

The Team

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Bismuth is the heaviest stable element in the periodic table, which accounts for the unusual electronic behaviours observed. Due to the large number of electrons available, the energy gap between its orbitals is considerably lower than that of lighter main-group elements. This allows bismuth to span several oxidation states, mimicking transition metal reactivity. In addition, the ability of bismuth to expand its valence shell (hypervalency) can lead to materials with unusual electronic properties. Thus, bismuth shows a great potential to merge the benefits of both main-group and transition metal elements, so enabling new applications in a broad range of fields including catalysis and optoelectronics.



Dr Alessandro Bismuto

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